Connecting Individuals and Communities

Re-establishing Human Connection

The Connection Cure is a community human-engagement project that explores the need for human connections to help one another rise and encourage a continues favourable environment for our enlightment.

We offer counselling, meditations, massage, talks and workshops that connect individuals back to their source of energy, love and bliss! 


Our aim is to bring light to the NEED for human interaction and loving moments, in our ever-increasing disconnected societies. Eradicating fear and moving towards LOVE.

 We invite you to come back to your true nature and step back out into humanity, alive, awake, and connected!


Below is a list of just some of the benefits that occur, however the flow-on effect has no end.

List of Benefits

Decreased stress and increased relaxation

A feeling of euphoria

Eliminates depression

lowers anxiety

Improved social skills

Improved self-esteem

Improved sleep

Lowered blood pressure and heart rate

Reduced risk of heart disease

Improved immune system and faster recovery

Protection against inflammation and oxidative stress

Pain relief and raised pain threshold

Reduced drug cravings

Lessened Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Assistance with overcoming Traumas or Abuse